Home Automation

Interphone provides advanced home automation through its dedicated division Ingeny, providing complete control of virtually any technology in a building at the tap of a touchscreen, smartphone or tablet. These integrated solutions, suitable for projects of all sizes, are designed to make everyday life easier by combining familiar systems that work seamlessly together for added simplicity, convenience and enjoyment.

  • Home automation across all home and building systems
  • Tailored solutions configured to precise requirements
  • Sophisticated user interface for complete control
  • In-house consultancy for end-to-end integration

advanced home automation and entertainment

Our home automation and smart building solutions can be individually-tailored to take into consideration personal taste and meet exact entertainment, communications, comfort and security preferences. This advanced integration ensures complementary systems work seamlessly together to bring added simplicity, convenience and enjoyment to everyday life.

We provide sophisticated home entertainment functionality, so high quality audio and video content is available anywhere, at any time, without compromise. This means television, films and music can be enjoyed from any room in the home using a central distribution system that brings together multiple local and online sources. Meanwhile, we develop custom-designed cinema rooms – dedicated theatres or hidden systems fitted in living rooms – for the best possible viewing experience.

simple and effective user interface

Residents, property owners and building managers can take full control of their integrated home automation system via a smartphone, tablet or interactive touch panel from the comfort of the home, onsite or remotely wherever they are. With our simple and effective user interface, it is possible to monitor and manage virtually any system in the home or building including lighting, heating, security and audio visual equipment from a single device, removing the need for multiple controls and keypads.

consultancy approach

We work closely with you at the concept and planning stage to ensure that home and building controls are part of a fully integrated system embedded in the property infrastructure.  Our in-house consultancy expertise covers all aspects of design, specification and project management to ensure you achieve your vision and maximum value, while minimising installation costs and ensuring high levels of space utilisation.

We also possess the ability to create modular automation solutions that cover all core building requirements, but possess the flexibility to be tailored and expanded to meet precise needs for individual residents and property owners.

For more information please visit www.ingeny.co.uk or send us an email with your enquiry to info@ingeny.co.uk