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Interphone Limited
Interphone House
12 – 22 Herga Road
HA3 5ASTelephone: 020 8621 6000
Fax: 020 8621 6100

You can contact our specific departments here

svi_form-contact Service Call
If your enquiry is about a general service call or to report a fault you are experiencing, please complete this form or email us at servicedesk@interphone.co.uk
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svi_form-contact Installation or Upgrade enquiry
If your enquiry is in relation to obtaining a quotation to have equipment installed or upgraded, please complete this form email us at sales@interphone.co.uk
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svi_form-contact Maintenance enquiry
If you have existing equipment and are looking for a a quotation for a Maintenance Contract on it, please complete this form or email us at maintenance@interphone.co.uk
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