access control

Access control technology offers an effective means of managing how, when and where residents, staff and contractors are admitted to a building. Interphone provide a range of single-and multi-site solutions that take advantage of the latest entry technologies and networked IP systems to deliver high levels of visibility and control.

• Tailored solutions using advanced technologies

• Managed service for added simplicity and ease of use

• Networked IP systems for added flexibility and control

• System integration for added benefits


advanced technology

We use the most appropriate access control to meet the precise security needs of a building or network of sites. This includes all entry technologies such as magnetic swipe card, keycode, fob, biometric fingerprint and MIFARE DESFire smartcards, which can be used individually or in combination. Meanwhile, sophisticated IP solutions offer a convenient and reliable way of networking a number of sites into a single system and integrating with other security-related tools.


managed approach

Remote management and diagnostics, operated directly or using Interphone’s managed service, makes the administration of permissions quick and easy. Therefore, resident and approved visitor profiles can be simply added and controlled, with intelligent access that enables operators to define exact admission levels based on a range of time and area parameters.

For example, cleaning and maintenance contractors may only have access during certain times of the day, but with special access to storage and equipment rooms. Meanwhile, residents may have access to additional communal areas of a building based on specific privileges or memberships.


system integration

Using an IP networked access control system, Interphone can deliver a single-or-multi-site solution that can simply scaled up to meet changing requirements and linked with other complementary security and building systems. By integrating with CCTV, gates and barriers, fire and emergency detection, door entry, concierge and property management, your access solution can become part of an integrated, building-wide control system to help achieve higher levels of safety, security, comfort and efficiency.