Interphone combines unrivalled expertise with SimpleHome, Comelit’s highly-configurable automation system, to design, install and support advanced smart building solutions that meet the exact needs of multi dwelling units (MDUs).

Through our dedicated home automation division, Ingeny, we can provide complete control of virtually any technology in the property making everyday life easier by combining familiar systems that work seamlessly together.

comelit simplehome

Comelit SimpleHome is a highly-versatile, IP-based turnkey solution that brings together door entry and access control with home automation. This flexible system is easy to configure and reduces set-up time when compared to more bespoke solutions, streamlining entertainment, communications environment and security requirements into a single control panel. It takes advantage of Comelit’s experience working in the commercial residential sector to provide an innovative solution for multi dwelling units (MDUs), with unique monitoring, communication and control features.

modular solution

Taking advantage of SimpleHome, Interphone creates modular automation solutions that cover core building requirements, while possessing the flexibility to be tailored and expanded to meet precise needs for individual residents and property owners. We bring together central control systems such as door entry, access control, CCTV, lighting and energy management, and then pre-wire buildings for individual specifications including multi-room audio, home cinema, curtains and blinds control and climate control.

integrated control

SimpleHome works with a range of control panels or through an intelligent app. This means that home automation can be managed using the integrated door entry monitor and home automation supervisor or via a smartphone or tablet. It can also be used in combination with other innovative, multi-functional control devices, including SimpleHome One, a discreet and dynamic touch sensitive interface that recognises finger movements to control light, temperature, sound and other automation commands.

space saving

SimpleHome uses a modular DIN Rail mount system, which reduces the space requirement at installation, while simplifying pre-wiring. By not using a conventional rack-based control and automation system, Ingeny can minimise installation costs and ensure high levels of space utilisation.