CCTV or video surveillance solutions are now considered to be an integral part of any building security system. Interphone is an expert in sophisticated camera solutions providing all design, installation, support and integration for any retrofit or new build requirement.

• Solutions for all interior and exterior CCTV

• Standalone or integrated solutions

• Single and multi-site functionality

• Proven, high quality technology

• Data protection guidance


complete cctv

Interphone provides end-to-end CCTV solutions for all interior and exterior video surveillance day or night, ranging from centrally-monitored, multi-site systems that are fully-networked with a dedicated fibre optic backbone to simple, single building systems. As an established security systems and building technology integrator, we take advantage of an extensive array of global brands in CCTV technology, with all installation, aftercare and maintenance delivered by our own, highly-trained and experienced service teams.


IP cctv

Whether you are updating an existing camera network or installing a completely new surveillance solution, we deliver both IP and hybrid CCTV solutions that can be tailored to meet your precise needs. IP technology offers greater flexibility, better performance and easier installation compared to traditional analogue solutions, providing the ability to record and view images via an existing network or internet connection. This means it is now possible to manage your CCTV using a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop anywhere in the world.


system integration and interoperability

We offer complete integration and interoperability, so our video surveillance solutions can effectively communicate with other security and access tools to achieve added transparency and control. We use and combine a wide range of proven technologies to create advanced systems that are designed for the precise needs of the commercial residential property marketplace including:

• IP and analogue CCTV cameras

• Digital and network video recorders

• CCTV towers and columns

• Motion detection

• ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

• Video Analytics