retrofit home automation solution

Ingeny offers highly-effective retrofit solutions that removes the need to run new cables, avoiding damage to your interiors, or costly installation requirements. Using the latest wireless technology, we can create an advanced home automation solution across all lighting and heating control, energy management, CCTV, blinds and curtains, smoke detection and media requirements.

wireless control

Our systems use Z-Wave wireless technology, which operate a “mesh network” that uses repeating signals to deliver a reliable automation solution throughout the building. Our wide range of sensors, control modules and wall plugs communicate with the system processor to monitor and manage all aspects of your home environment, intelligently responding to any changes to effortlessly optimise your comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

easy installation

Our non-invasive installation procedures means that the wired control modules and wireless, battery powered sensors can be fitted in a matter of minutes, requiring no additional wiring and drilling. In fact, the sensors have a battery-life of up to five years, so can be put anywhere and attached with a single screw, self-adhesive strip or just placed on a surface.

user friendly and intuitive interface

Using an app, suitable for almost any mobile device, or the web-based interface it is possible to manage, monitor and configure everything from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Therefore, it is simple to operate the system from any room or remotely when you are away from home for complete control and added peace of mind.

advanced technology solutions

We work with industry-leading partners to take advantage of the latest and most sophisticated home automation technologies. This combined with our unrivalled experience designing, installing and maintaining smart building solutions means we are best-placed to create advanced retrofit solutions that meet your entertainment, communications, comfort and security preferences.