Recent advances in biometrics has increased the suitability of the technology within the commercial residential marketplace. Using the latest fingerprint reading technology Interphone can create your perfect internal and external security solution, as well as enhance access control throughout your building.

• Fast, reliable and secure door entry

• Cost-effective and hassle-free access control

• Ideal for residents, property owners and managing agents

biometric fingerprint technology

Using the most reliable multispectral imaging scanners, our solutions are able to quickly identify a registered fingerprint, even when certain substances are present or some types of latex gloves are worn. In addition, spoof detection monitors specific traits such as such as the difference in light passing through the sensor and the presence or absence of blood being shown in the finger to achieve high levels of protection and added peace of mind.

cost effective door entry

While the upfront cost of a biometric solution remains higher than established door entry technology, any capital investment needs to factor in the added administrative and equipment overheads of other systems. In particular, a managing agent will require significant expenditure to manage and maintain a traditional system in terms of lifetime card and fob replenishment, while additional admin resources will be required to create new and replacement keys or collect unwanted and redundant keys.

added security and access control

Biometric fingerprint readers provide a highly-secure solution with less of the risks associated with other door entry systems. Appropriate access can be quickly added or removed electronically, so the risk of unauthorised access is substantially reduced when compared to card and fob systems. Lost, retained or cloned keys can no longer be used by non-residents, while residents are unable to misplace or forget their card or fob causing unnecessary hassle to themselves and the property owner.

In addition, it is now possible to better manage access to internal areas of a building, such as a gym or underground carpark, to prevent resident abuse and maximise revenue streams. For example, with a fob solution there is no way of monitoring who is using a particular key, so multiple residents or visitors could be taking advantage of a building’s facilities without paying the appropriate fees or subscription charges.