temperature monitoring & flow control

Public and private sector organisations face the challenge of how they operate in a safe, responsible and efficient manner, providing the highest levels of protection to occupants and visitors.

Combining the latest innovations in thermal access control, temperature monitoring, people counting and flow control, Interphone offers businesses and other organisations the opportunity to create a safer in-building environment and experience. This technology is designed to assist in the identification of raised temperature and control the flow of people into buildings, reducing the requirement to physically deploy personnel to carry out these functions. These solutions are suitable to be used in a wide range of buildings and locations.

Businesses should always follow the UK’s Government current advice on safe working and practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

thermal body temperature monitoring

Interphone has a range of temperature monitoring cameras available including free-standing, wall-mounted or integrated turnstile-mounted devices. All offer easy installation and flexible deployment, and in some cases, you can be up and running in moments.

The cameras are accurate up to a distance of three metres and to within ±0.3-0.5 degrees centigrade. They can be located at any entrance to provide fast and non-contact screening, with extremely high passage efficiency. In fact, it takes just 0.2 seconds per person to identify any abnormal temperature and, if required, whether someone is not wearing a face mask.


advanced flow control

For organisations that require limited people flow, an AI-empowered people counting camera can automatically and accurately calculate numbers in real-time. This provides full visibility and control of the amount of people entering a building, making it possible to avoid congestion and maintain social distancing.

When the number of people reaches a set limit, the device changes the digital signage located at the entrance, using a traffic light-style system, to automatically manage the flow of people. Anyone entering the building is alerted that the maximum capacity has been reached and asked to wait until space is available. As a result, there is no need to have added security staff located at the door to manually count people in and out of the building, which can help reduce workforce overheads and improve management efficiency.

unrivalled expertise

Interphone has teamed up with Dahua Technology, a global video surveillance specialist that is committed to developing solutions that support a safer society and smarter living. The company invests about 10 per cent of its annual sales revenue in R&D annually, employing more than 6,000 engineers and technical staff working on cutting-edge technologies in AI, IoT, Cloud services, video, cyber security and software reliability. As an accredited Dahua Integrated Partner, we can take advantage of proven expertise and have access to an advanced products portfolio that delivers the highest levels of quality, reliability and stability.


uk support

By taking advantage of a nationwide infrastructure that includes a 24-hour help desk, a field-based engineering team and direct access to its team of industry experts, Interphone can deliver a support solution that consistently achieves impressive service levels. This means we can create safety protection solutions that are tailored to your precise needs.