Internet Protocol (IP) is transforming the way building and home automation systems are operated and work together, providing a digital networking infrastructure that offers increased performance, scalability and flexibility. It is now possible to integrate a wide range of IP-enabled technology, via either a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), so systems can be effectively managed and monitored on a single platform.

• Exceptional flexibility in terms of choice and functionality
• Remote support for effective building management
• Expand and upgrade while minimising time and costs
• Ideal for single-or

advanced integration

Using IP technology, Interphone is going beyond traditional security and building systems to create and install sophisticated solutions that combine complementary technologies to meet the precise needs of individual residents and property owners. By bringing together access control, CCTV, gates and barriers, fire and emergency detection, door entry, home automation, and concierge and property management, you can benefit from a building-wide control system to help achieve higher levels of safety, security, comfort and efficiency.

added flexibility

Taking advantage of multiple use cabling, we are able to connect an unlimited number of users with no distance limitations across a wide range of enabled systems. It can be simply and effectively expanded to incorporate new technologies and buildings, significantly reducing time and cost of installations and upgrades when compared to traditional analogue systems. Moreover, our IP systems are suitable for use in new developments or integrated into existing LAN systems.

maintenance and support

IP solutions deliver remote diagnostics and support across single or multiple locations, enabling property managers to proactively monitor and maintain building systems in a responsive manner with rapid resolution. Furthermore, it is now possible to configure and update systems centrally through a web-browser, such as key fob registration and access levels, to streamline administrative requirements and other operational processes.