reactive maintenance and day works

While many of our customers prefer the safety net that comes with a maintenance contract, we understand it is not the preferred option for everyone. Therefore, we have developed a reactive solution that delivers the necessary levels of flexibility, scale and scope, but still with many of the benefits of a long-term support package. For any minor fault or repair, our call-out service, including emergency response if required, is on hand to quickly and efficiently resolve your issue.

Interphone’s reactive maintenance solution delivers high levels of flexibility, scale and scope, providing an effective means of fixing unexpected faults without the need for a long-term support package. Meanwhile, the company’s day works service is ideal for larger repairs, system extensions and upgrades.

All maintenance procedures include a highly effective reporting process that provides full visibility of logged issues and call-outs to stakeholders including property, building/ facilities managers and residents. As a result, Interphone achieves high levels of customer satisfaction and feedback with positive response rates of more than 90 per cent.