door entry

Door entry and intercom systems are an effective way of achieving building security, while enabling a simple way of admitting known and trusted visitors. Using more than 50 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining security and building technology systems, Interphone offers a comprehensive range of solutions from simple, single door entry to a fully-integrated, centrally-controlled solution with multiple door access.

• High quality video and audio door entry systems

• Controlled admittance for added security and convenience

• Unrivalled flexibility and choice

• Endless possibilities with sophisticated IP technology


security and convenience

Video and audio entry systems provide the control and security needed when admitting visitors to a commercial residential development. Providing authorised access that delivers added protection in a convenient manner, ensures you create a more secure environment and enhance the quality of life within a building or across a property portfolio. We offer a range of door entry systems to meet your precise door entry and intercom requirements.


unrivalled choice

Our range of door entry  solutions give you the choice to select the exact handsets and entry panels including stylish cutting-edge design apartment stations with options for  audio or video,  mono or colour with touch screens or hands free monitors.  We have longstanding relationships with a wide variety of manufacturers, and in particular, are partners with Comelit, BPT and Bitron, so we offer a comprehensive product range from audio-only solutions right up to concierge operated IP audio and video solutions as part of an integrated access control system.


advanced flexibility

Using IP technology, Interphone has gone beyond traditional door entry to provide solutions with advanced flexibility that meet the precise needs of individual residents and property owners. Single and multi-site systems can now be managed from anywhere, while residents can now benefit from easy control of visitor entry via a range of devices including smartphones, tablets or PCs. Furthermore, the door entry solution can provide an effective messaging tool between the concierge or switchboard and residents regarding deliveries and planned building developments, as well as become part of a wider home automation solution.

Interphone offers a comprehensive range of solutions from simple, single door entry systems to a fully-integrated building management solution offering centrally-operated switchboards, controlling multiple site panels and apartments stations.

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