communications and data infrastructure

Interphone delivers communications and data infrastructure solutions that combine all design, installation, testing, commissioning, certification and aftercare requirements. All systems are installed by qualified and accredited engineers across all building requirements to meet the precise needs of developers and residents.

• Our extensive capabilities include:

• Copper and fibre infrastructure

• Fibre splicing and testing

• Cabling terminations to outlets and cabinets

• Structured cabling (Cat5, Cat6 & Cat7)

• Server Solutions

• Patching

• AV Installations

• Network design and planning

• Voice and data communications

• Digital TV / Satellite



Structured cabling – whether Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or fibre optic – is the basis for virtually any data, voice, VoIP or wireless communication system. Interphone has the knowledge and experience to provide a network infrastructure that can effectively handle the demands of technological advances, high-speed access and multiple users. We ensure a building has a professionally-installed and efficient solution that is flexible and robust to meet both current and future needs.



Internet Protocol (IP) is transforming the way building and home automation systems are operated and work together, providing a digital networking infrastructure that offers increased performance, scalability and flexibility. Using IP technology, Interphone is going beyond traditional security and building systems to integrate a wide range of IP-enabled technology, via either a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN), so systems can be effectively managed and monitored on a single platform.


support and delivery

Interphone is a knowledgeable, professional and reliable organisation providing a range of installation, aftercare and maintenance services that are tailored to the precise needs of customers. By taking advantage of our nationwide infrastructure that includes a 24-hour help desk, a field-based engineering team and direct access to its team of industry experts, Interphone can deliver communications and data infrastructure solutions that consistently achieves impressive levels of service and support.