Corona Virus (Covid-19) Update 21 December 2020

Following the latest government announcements, we will continue to offer normal field-based service (maintenance and installation) until further notice.

We have carried out careful risk assessments for our offices and the work we do in the field in the light of the continuing threat from Covid-19 and the enhanced risk from the latest variant. Where there is a requirement to enter someone’s home for a call out or new installation strict site-specific assessments will be carried out to maintain the strictest risk control profile consistent with government guidelines and our duty of care to our personnel and customers alike.

Although virtually all of our office-based staff are working from home our service centre remains operative and will continue to receive calls and arrange call outs.   With our staff equipped to work and support you remotely, our Business Continuity Plan goal is to maintain services to our customers whilst limiting the risk to our staff and customers alike. Please bear with us however if response times extend and calls and e mails are not responded to as quickly as usual.

Engineering Operations in the field are staying as normal save for out of hours service which remains suspended until further notice and, but we will continue to attend calls on Monday to Friday between the hours of 08.00 to 16.30. There will be no out of hours or weekend service for the time being. We are continuing to use our call answering service with operators who will take your details and forward your enquiry to us. Please note that correspondence received by the Service Desk after 15.00, may not be addressed until the following working day.

Click here to view our statement regarding upcoming holiday arrangements.

Our field-based staff (engineers and sales) have been issued with the appropriate PPE and clear instructions as to their use and other requirements designed to keep themselves and our customers safe. Every site visit will require a site-specific risk assessment before we enter.

Before entering any residence, our engineers are instructed to ensure that no one in the residence either has or is showing symptoms of the virus. Once inside someone’s residence occupants will be required to always stay a minimum of two metres away from our engineer.

These guidelines follow and reflect the guidance published by the Government.  Our personnel will refuse to enter a site if they feel their health may be  compromised.

If you need to get in contact with us, please can you send emails directly to the below relevant department.

Important please note: When booking an appointment with Interphone it is on the understanding that when our engineer is required to visit the site; the managing agent and/or resident is required to declare if anyone in the building is self-isolating or is experiencing flu like symptoms.  Our engineers have been instructed to put their own safety first and make their own assessment of the situation and to either contact our office or decline entering site premises should they have any concerns.

Thank you for all your cooperation and patience as we go through this unprecedented time together.

Best wishes from all at Interphone for a happy Christmas and a safe and healthy new year.